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How about working with only ONE universal decision tool?

On average, managers receive about 30,000 emails per year and spend 15% of their working time in meetings (source: Bain & Company). The CEOs on average even spend about two days per week in sessions, conferences and meetings. Very often, mails and meetings are about deciding on specific requests, proposals or processes. And the bigger the company, the more platforms, interfaces and tools have historically grown into the company. Each one of them requiring individual handling – from login to processing of the request.

There are dozens of textbooks, expensive seminars, and an infinite number of web articles on the subject of time management especially for managers.  However, at the end dealing with time constraints depends on you as manager and leader.

Without questioning the value of advice, we see no real support in this approach for the generally overburdened executives, as we see the number of communication channels and tools in companies increasing.

The centralization of the high-level decisions as they occur for example in the area of HR, procurement, logistics or sales with a clear yes or no is no longer a dream of plagued managers or CEO’s. Thanks to our single point of decision app – SPoD. The future for solution and productivity oriented leader and managers is here!

As one single point of decision which is powered by all decision channels and tools, SPoD creates a unique platform for all your decisions. Thus, the complexity of the processes will be significantly reduced and decision paths, which otherwise comprise from login, the individual decision, documentation and information in the involved systems to a costly time factor, are measurably minimized.

AIX has a solution with a common, user-friendly and

mobile frontend designed for all your approvals!

SPoD – The decision support with appropriate role allocation for each employee

As a manager, you have learned to delegate responsibility, to trust the skills of your team and to challenge and encourage individuals within a defined framework in your decision-making and leadership.

We at AIX know that a company with flat hierarchies also shows significant differences at least in the role assignment in IT and job descriptions. The area of influence of a manager, accountant or assistant or human resource manager differs in the scope of the decisions made for the company.

For example:

The HR assistant creates a request for the leave on behalf of an employee. This request is approved or rejected by the supervisor with a simple swipe in his SPoD mobile phone app. Then without signatures, Excel files or the back and forth in the time recording tools, the employee can be informed via SMS or e-mail about the decision – within seconds.

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