BDM (Business Decision Management) redefined!

//BDM (Business Decision Management) redefined!

BDM (Business Decision Management) redefined!

BDM (Business Decision Management) redefined!

In a leading position of middle or top management you are accustomed to talking about process optimization, thinking in terms of structures and not losing sight of the individual employee as a human being. You are used to making far-reaching changes and to future-oriented your company with innovative solutions. Decision-making processes are based on the already completed technological transformation in the company.

You and your senior management team have access to e-mail systems, CRM, perhaps also a business app with SAP connection and all telecommunications channels to coordinate and make decisions.

Despite all sophistication and planning, despite all the training and sophisticated processes and competence allocation, decisions in the thicket of the IT structure.

This blatant nirvana for time, money and nerves of those involved can be justified simply: It simply lacks the overall standardization of business decisions.

AIX – SpoD The logical standardization of your management decisions

The aim of our management app is to bundle all decisions into a single central point and to reduce them to a clear “yes” or “no”. As experienced process optimizers in the IT sector and in collaboration with our experienced programmers and management consultants, we have succeeded in developing a tool that can be integrated into your existing corporate structure.

We want to help you drive your strategic innovation by drying the swamp of daily emails. You may already suspect what complex discipline that requires our developers to bring all channels together in a single point and bundle, so not just ten, but in the future only one platform for your decisions.

AIX - SpoD Die logische Standardisierung Ihrer Management Entscheidungen

The result:
better business performance, an employee and customer-oriented work environment, and significant time savings.

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