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The decision story:

You are a manager in any kind of company or organization.

Day by day you are required to decide (= approve or reject) many different topics. If you are lucky these decisions are presented to you by tools or applications.

In order to decide what ever needs to be decided you need first to be aware that you have to do something. In a modern organisation you may be notified via email or message on your mobile.

Else, you have to know where and when to look for due tasks
…not talking about finding the tool, logins or confusing user interfaces

Worst case you simply miss important decisions or cause a delay in processes. The described reality is taking a lot of time and effort.
This is a  bad information experience.

We have a solution for this!

AIX SPoD is our new and unique meta decision solution – which takes your decisions to live by providing ONE user friendly and mobile interface for all your approvals!

  • Modern … state of the art mobile app

  • Fast … single sign on for all connected systems

  • Efficient … provides just all the information you need

  • Reliable … guaranteed delivery vs. sms  or email

  • Secure … all approvals are logged and audit-able

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Experience first hand what the single point of decision can do you and your organisation.

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